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It’s Better late than Never

August 24, 2012

So I know It’s been a long long long time since my last blog post, I know it sucks not having any time to create a post for you guys, as most of you knows that I’ve been on my job training “Internship” in malaysia for almost 2 months now. My schedule is hella crazy over here its not stable so I had to cut blogging out first, but I am trying my best to fit it on my busy schedule. the posts’s the I will probably post here is more likely our trip around malaysia and some random photos we took whenever we feel so bored and crazy.


With Dom


Twin towers

Love lots,



Patricia visits Korea

July 10, 2012

Last April My Family and I visited Korea. It was my first time there so I was quite a bit excited what I will be seeing there. The trip was so tiring coz we stayed for about 4 hotels I think but It was fun. Visiting Korea was one of the most rewarding experiences in my exciting life. Korea is such a beautiful country rich in tradition and culture. I arrived at incheon aiport on a glommy cold night. after a four hour plane ride we got picked up by our tour guide for dinner. Regargding korean food Korean cuisne is so simple. Boiled steamed and grilled are mostly the types of foods being served to you. Like Bulgogi, Chicken barbeque and Bimbimbap. When it comes to their food there is nothing much compared to other cuisines, but korean foods I beleive is one of the most healtheist food in asia.

Sorry for the late late post. Till next time



Working the prints

June 17, 2012

Pants Zara, Shirt Zara, Heels Guess


Cover the curtains

June 10, 2012

Hello I’m officially back. And had switched countries, kidding! As I was telling you last post that I was pretty busy with my internship papers. So yeah everything went well and I am now in Malaysia. So here’s what I wore before we hit the airport, simple and comfy!

Top – Zara, Pants – F21, Shoes – Stacatto


More pictures to come



Been gone so long

May 28, 2012

So sorry I wasnt able to post these past few week, I have been very occupied these past weeks. I have this internship going on. So excuse me for that. Along side these busy week I manage to take random photos around me. Follow me on Instagram for more pictures ( patriciaangelinelo). See you guys soon!



Thanks guys! Enjoy your last days of summer

Shorts Story

May 21, 2012
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My Short addiction. I’m so in love with these short. In fact I can’t live without then, you can easily pair it up with anything. So here’ s my short hit list. I’ll be hunting you short shorts, be prepared.

All from Topshop

Green Zip up Zara

All from H&M

I’m excited getting this all in my hand. Hopefully I can find them in stores.

Share me you Shortlist. I don’t bite.



May 19, 2012

Dress H&M, Cropped Blazer from Mommy, Shoes Pedro, Belt Callitspring, Bag  Aldo

Sorry for the messy background. i’m running late so I was in a hurry. Haha