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We’ll this is some stuffs about me. Things that I like and things the irritates me the most.

10 things I love:

1. I love Animals especially Dogs

2. I love playing sports

3. I love Comfort Foods

4. I love travelling to difference places and learn other cultures.

5. I love Fashion

6. I love my phone and Laptop ( Keeps me alive)

7. I love my Family and Friends (Of course)

8. I love to shop shoes

9. I love my Blog Blog Blog…..

10. Lastly I love my room.

10 things I dont like:


2. I dont like people that are Stubborn and Bitchy

3. I hate Sisiw ( For the Filipinos I believe you know that)

4. I hate pimples. HAHA

5. I dont like people touching my HAIR. ( It gets messy every time)

6. I hate Lies!

7. I dont like Sweet smell perfumes (I always get headache with those)

8. I hate my computer class (So boring)

9. I dont like it much going out during night time.

10. I hate people touching my personal stuff (Who doesn’t?)

Hope this is enough guys.


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