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Braid Me ( DIY )

May 3, 2013

I love summer. Actually its my awaited time of the year, and I think most of you might agree on this with me. Since its summer I wanted to share a DIY project with you guys to keep you occupied.

So heres how I came up with this Project. Well I was browsing the web the other day. The usual stuffs I browse on Fashion and all other girl stuffs. I kept looking and I cant help but notice that accesories are very “In” nowadays I must say. Particularly bracelets. It caught my eye and I was like “Hey I can make another DIY Tutorial and post it on my blog” and here I am.

My inspiration for this project:


Things youll be needing:

Old shirt or Torn Cloth ( Stretch )

1. First thing youll be needing to do is cut out 3 peices of a ruler size portions on you cloths. It doesnt matter how long it depends on what acessory your making.


2. Make a knot on the other end of the cloths to hold them together.


3. Now on the easy part. Braid you cloths in any way you want. ( but I made mine with 3 strands )


4. Finish the braid all the way down to the other end and secure another knot to put in place.


5. Lastly! If you feel a little arsty, you can add chains, charms and other things that you can think of to make it more creative.



Hope you guys enjoyed my post. Have a Happy Summer!



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