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The Comeback

April 16, 2013

Hi guys! Its been almost a year since I last posted on my blog. Well Its been really tough these past months but I promise that I will be posting regularly from now on. But I’ve gotta say these past months gave me a change of thought and besides its a New year maybe it means time for a change. At first this blog was made basically just for fashion but now It came to the point that I wanted to share more than Fashion. I love travelling and I’ve been an explorer for this year I’ve seen and learned lot about Fashion, Food, Cultures, Rituals, History, Architectures, Art and of course I wouldn’t leave without saying it was really FUN travelling around. So now this blog I made would feature my Travelling, Fashion, Food, DIY’s, Entertainment, How to’s, Guides basically everything you could think of on the Lifestyle part. I hope everything or some of the things I post would somewhat help you. So tune in for my future post.

Here’s a Photo-diary 2013 I took on my Intagram account. Follow me guys and Enjoy! Have a Happy Summer! follow me





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