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D.I.Y Studded Short

May 12, 2012


I’ve been seeing a lot of these lately specially it’s summer time, people tend to wear shorts coz its really hot. So I’ve been dying having this shorts for the past few weeks, since I didn’t got a chance to go out and look for a pair. I told myself hey why not make it. And yes I did make it. Here’s my version of a Studded short. Of course it’s not as good as that. We’ll at least I tried. So it’s just simple, you will be needing

Push split pins or whatever they call that

Pair of shorts

Pliers (optional) I used my hands by the way

1. First step layout your Shorts in a flat surface

2. Bring out your push pins and try to open the tip a little so it will a lot easier later on.

3. Place the pins wherever you want it. It takes time to put the pins in place but It’s worth it.

4. lastly secure the pins at the back part. Tip: cover the back of the shorts with a small cloth just to protect your legs.

And tada. It’s done. Hope you liked my D.I.Y.


A lot more D.I.Y to come stay tuned.


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