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Treat your hair right

April 3, 2012

I chose organix coz its sulfate fee.means my hair is free from harm. It has Sesame seed oil to add some shine to my hair. And I love the smell too.

This protects your hair from you Flat Iron heat. P.S it really does help.

Apply this cream with damp hair. It also protect your hair from heat, but it also makes your hair silkier and smooth. Trust me it is really effective. I use it often.

This is what I always carry in my bag. its my leave -on to keep my hair away from all those frizziness.

I only use this during special occasions. We’ll its a bit pricy but it brings more life to your hai. It is smells really good.

Cocao Shampoo Organix,Flat iron spray and Blow dry cream  FX,  Leave on Dove, Kerastase Loreal

We’ll thats it guys. Hope you like it. A had a very tiring day. just got back from Bohol. Tune it for some our family trips pictures soon.


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