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Happy Heart’s Day

February 15, 2012

Here’s what I promised. Every time Valentine’s Day comes around, I always see single or unattached people with long, gloomy faces. They rue the fact that they are single or they don’t have anybody special to celebrate Valentine’s Day with. You don’t need to spend Valentine’s Day moping around like it’s the end of your world. You can still have fun during Valentine’s Day. In fact, you can have fun, Valentine’s or no Valentine’s Day, period. Being single doesn’t mean you have to lonely. Im single and yet I did had fun. So here how I spent my Day. Valentines day was quite exciting for me. I had fun. Dinner date with friends + school concert after. Valentine’s Day doesn’t exactly mean you going out as couples. Just like what I did, I had fun hanging out with my friends in that special day. Dinner at empire was great even if I didn’t ate any, their Fries was to die for, I love melted cheese.Sorry for that! Haha. There was a lot of people in Piazza ( A place near our school) Besides it being Valentine’s there was also this concert of Rachel Alejandro just outside the resto so we expected a lot of people coming. After dinner we went straight to school. There’s this battle of the Band thing which my friends and I decided to go to. So yeah that’s probably it.

Prepare for a Picture Overload!!!

I Hope you enjoyed your Valentine’s too. prepare for part 2. Coming next.


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