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February 13, 2012

Fashion weeks had passed by these past few month’s they were a lot of inspirational pieces I saw through the runway shows. Since I cant post any outfit pictures coz its been a long time since I went out and I have a lot of things going on so right now I looked for Trending styles that are in this year 2012 to share just to keep my blog busy and updated. Here are some accessories that caught my eye during the Runway Shows. These statement pieces gives a big impact into a simple outfit. Accessories defines your whole outfit, I dont know but for me it does. I feel bare without wearing any. Pieces I chose are very wearable and fashion forward, it suits every fashion style from Boho to classic to Punk. I really love mix and matching acessories I have. Tip dont be afraid to wear accessories unless the outfit your wearing has a lot going on. Always make it simple, elegant and presentable.



Enjoy have a Happy Valentines Day every one! Spread the L-O-V-E.

Ill be posting something this coming Valentines day so watch out!

Love ,


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