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Happy Christmas and a Merry New Year

January 1, 2012

Hey guys! Sorry for the late greetings and post, well I’ve been very busy these past few days. Gift giving, parties and traveling. I know its kinda late, but still I managed to take pictures for you guys. Im sorry though I dont have the christmas pictures with me yet, I know its late but Ill be posting them soon. But what I do have know is our new year pics. So here is it guys.

The LOUDEST Torotot ever. Powered by this motor thing that blows air. HAHA. I really have no idea!
Here come the FIREWORKS
I really like this picture. Notice something about the shirt. HAHA.I was asking my younger cousin Meredith to go beside my brother to take a picture, she was asking me why she had no idea about the shirt. After I took the picture she was asking me not to post it but hey. She looks good there. HAHA.
And oh I almost forgot. I thank GOD for everything, for a wonderful 2011.
Have a prosperous New year everyone. Have a fresh start. New year : new chapter of our lives.
Once again Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year
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