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Its Christmas Time

December 7, 2011

9 days to go then finally I got my break. Christmas is near 18 more days before we celebrate another special Holiday. Actually Christmas is one my favorite Holiday’s to celebrate.

Christmas is near so why not make a wish list. So I’ve been thinking a lot of things that I wanted for christmas, but since I’m broke.HAHAHA. I just fantasize these things would be mine soon, in my dreams. But nonetheless its not bad to dream right?

My Christmas wish list is here anyone who’s kind enough and has a big big big heart to grant my wishes

1. Moschino Belt

2.blackberry Bold 990


4.Rayban wayferer

5. neon green Ice watch

6. Chanel Jersey

7. Mac Book Air

8. Nude Pumps Louboutin

9. New pair of Miss sixty jeans

10. H&M Versace leather Jacket

11. Alexa Chung handbag

12. Alexander McQueen double wrap Bracelet

13. Mac Set Lipstick

14. Ipad 2

Dear Santa Santa,

Please come to town 🙂

Giving you a hint what to give me for christmas HAHAHA



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