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Unforgettable night at the Yacht

December 4, 2011

So my Friend Charissa invinted me to her 21st birthday along with Rose, Evan, Pia, Andee, Tracy. God its so much fun. Its been a long time since I hanged out with them. Theres so much to catch up. We ate, they drank, we laugh out loud and danced with the music. The unforgettable part is one of them passed out and it like just 9 pm.HAHA.Heres a couple of pics I would like to share to you guys.

This was taken inside the master bedroom of the Yacht

I forgot why I looked so Happy. HAHA

Charisaa and Evan


I just love the picture 🙂


I just missed this guys, I’ve been with them my whole first year in college. The lunches, the breaks, the cuts,the takas everything. Gotta love this people.HIHI

This is it for now guys.

Hope you liked my post


PS. Wish you were there Karishma and Stephieeeeee 🙂



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