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Biker Boots

September 22, 2011

 I was bummed when I saw my classmates’s status. Which was “I CANT WAIT FOR THE SUPER SALE TOMORROW” I commented immediately and asked him like where?. And luckily he told me that it was going to be held near by our school. Like Walking distance from school. So I got so excited and can’t wait for that day. So the next day after class we went to this sale. And there was hell a lot of cars and people inside. But i didn’t bother me I was too excited. Like jumping excited. There’s Banana republic, Gucci, Marc Jacobs, Juicy, Jimmy Choo ( Which I LOVE) ,Furla ,Steve madden, Nine West,Gap,Massimo Dutti, CK, A/X, Micheal Kors, Zara and etc. It was all up to 60% off. So I bought this new shoes today I mean this new Biker Boots from ZARA . But I don’t have it with me yet. I left it with my friend , but I’m getting it by tomorrow. Yey. I cant wait to wear it. Ill give you a simple hint on what it kinda looks like.

Its somewhat like this but mines has chains and more details on it

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